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Gas products for delivery

We supply the leisure, commercial and domestic industries with gas supplies, bottles and heaters.
We have been delivering gas since 1970 and have built up a strong reputation for reliability within the locality.
Here is a list of our main products, but please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like to enquire about something not on our list – we will see what we can do!


Butane available in 4.5 KG/7 KG and 15 KG


Propane available in 3.9, 6 KG, 13 KG, 18 KG FORKLIFT, 19 KG and 47 KG



Leisure gas

Our Patio gas is available in 5 KG and 13 KG

Pub gases


Industrial gases

For more info about our industrial gases, please visit the Air Products page (this will open a new window)

Our products: