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Early Season BBQ Tips


A BBQ in Chepstow using bottled Calor gas

19 BBQ Tips for Early Season Outdoor Cooks

As we look forward to a warm weekend quite a few of you will be pulling the BBQ out for the first cook up of the season. This normally triggers a mini spike in demand for BBQ gas, so we thought we’d get ahead of the game and offer a few suggestions to help ease you into the BBQ season.

Getting hold of BBQ gas for the weekend

You can order your BBQ gas on our website and we’ll deliver it to you ASAP Mon-Fri.

Order BBQ Gas now for delivery Mon-Fri

In a BBQ emergency you can pick gas up from our Chepstow HQ on the Bulwark Business Park, Mon-Fri 08.00 – 17.00. If you run out of gas and we’re closed, then try one of our local stockists, who are open over the weekend and on some evenings.

  1. Chepstow – Wye Valley Country Store       Sat & Sun
  2. Ross on Wye – George Nicholls                   Brookend Street
  3. Monmouth – Handyman House                 Sat & Sun
  4. Gloucester – Trioscape Garden Centre      Sat & Sun
  5. Usk – Bunnings                                             Bridge Street
  6. Cinderford – Cinderford Service Station   Sat
  7. Newport – Maindee Handyman’s Store    Sat
  8. Cardiff – Roger Walters Interiors.               Sat
  9. Abergavenny – Abergavenny Fuels           The Coal Yard
  10. Lydney – Blakeney News                              Sat & Sun

When you come to cook

  1. Always make sure the barbecue is up to temperature before beginning to cook. Follow the guide booklet supplied with your BBQ to find its recommended temperature.
  2. This is the best piece of advice we have for BBQing on Gas… Always cook with the lid of your barbecue down or on. This reduces the chances of flare ups and your food will cook faster and more evenly.
  3. Avoid lifting the lid to check the food too often. Each time you lift the lid you loose heat and your food will take longer to cook.
  4. Minimise flipping and pressing of your food. Turn once and don’t press all the flavour out.
  5. When you’re done, do the ‘Burn off’ to get the BBQ ready for next time. Turn your burners to high, close the lid and leave for 10 to 15 minutes. Then carefully brush enamel grates with a brass bristle or grill brush, or on cast iron grates use a steel brush.

Preparing your food

  1. Trim off excess fat from steaks, chops and roasts, try to leave no more than 5mm.
  2. Only baste with marinades, that contain high levels of sugar, when you are 10 to 15 minutes away from the final cooking stage.

Keep it safe

  1. Always keep the BBQ at least 3m away from any combustible materials like wooden fences and your house!
  2. NEVER use the grill indoors, under a covered patio or in an open garage or carport.
  3. Keep children and pets away from the BBQ at all times.
  4. Make sure the BBQ is placed on solid level ground.
  5. Use heat-resistant mitts while cooking & long handled tongs to turn the food.
  6. Do not spray oil onto the hot cooking grate, oil the food instead.
  7. Never use water to try and put out a flare-up, just close the lid.
  8. When you’ve done the ‘Burn off’, close the lid turn off all burners and turn off the gas at the bottle.

Follow these tips and you’ll maximise your chances of enjoying a fantastic outdoor cooking season. Finally, don’t forget you can now order your BBQ gas, online 24/7 for delivery Mon-Fri.