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Portable gas heaters can be stylish addition to your home

Portable Gas Heaters are a Cheaper, Efficient and Secure Investment for Many Households

Winter is looming on the back of an ever-deepening ‘cost of living crisis’. With many more people now working from home, a growing number of households have a growing number of reasons to consider more affordable ways to keep warm and save money through the colder months.  Happily, a quick calculation, shows that as of November 2022, butane-powered portable gas heaters are becoming an increasingly economical option.

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In this short article we look at three reasons why families, home workers and people living in on their own are seeing portable gas heaters as a convenient and cost saving investment.

Portable gas heaters can help lower your heating cost

According to the Energy Saving Trust, with the Government’s October price freeze in place, the national average price for a kWh of electricity will be 34 pence.

According to national bottled gas supplier Calor, a 15kg butane cylinder contains 205.5kWh of gas, which (at the current refill price of £55) means a kWh of bottled butane gas will cost you 26.7pence. A roughly 20% saving per kWh of heat.

So, whilst electricity prices remain high, if you can switch to portable gas heaters then there are definitely savings to be had.

Gain efficiency by only heating the room you’re in

Even given the currently competitive price of bottled gas, compared to electricity … there is still no better priced fuel than mains gas.  According to the same article on the Energy Saving Trust’s website, mains gas comes in at around 10.3 pence per kWh.

However, using mains gas and your central heating system can be hugely wasteful.  After all, why heat a whole house when you can get away with only heating a single room?  Even if that’s for just part of the day.

We have customers who are popping the central heating on for half an hour in the morning whist the family gets up.  Then using a portable gas heater in the kitchen whilst everyone has breakfast and gets off to work/school.  The same heater can then be wheeled into the home office where it’ll keep stay at home workers toasty until the family return in the evening when the central heating can go back on.

You stay warm all day but by heating your home (or small office) in a more efficient manner,  you get huge savings for a small loss of convenience.

Get heating security, should the worst happen

Heaven forbid that the dire predictions, in October 2022, of rolling electricity outages across the UK come true.  However, in that unlikely situation, those same heaters you’re using to keep your kitchen or home office toasty can be turned up to heat a whole living area.

Whilst heat security seems like a bizarre thing to even be considering in 2022/23, given the state of the nation you wouldn’t bet there won’t be a time when you’d appreciate a little re-assurance that whatever happens, at least you can keep one room warm.

So, there you go. If you have concerns about how to heat your home, portable gas heaters may save money, drive heating efficiency and could be the one thing that will guarantee you warm nights should the worst come to the worst.

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